Nasugbu Trilogy: Pico de Loro (664+), Mt. Talamitam (630+), Mt. Batulao (811+)

Looking like I was up to some mischief, I sneaked out of the house at 3 o’clock in the morning in my newly bought hiking shoes. I was meeting some friends in Baclaran for a climb that was going to be like no other. Continue reading


Backpacking Baguio With My Mother: Camp John Hay

After our little pictorial in the Butterfly Sanctuary, my mom and I found ourselves coming out to a beautiful park. With its impressive pine forests, Camp John Hay is one of Baguio‘s favorite attractions. The fragrant air was refreshing; an occasional cold wind would breeze in but the rest of the afternoon’s weather was nothing but pleasant. Continue reading

Backpacking Baguio With My Mother: Strawberry Farm & Butterfly Sanctuary

The plan was to spend 4 days in Hong Kong with my friends and our parents. We had arranged everything in advance; tickets were bought 6 months early and we had made reservations at an inn in the heart of Kowloon. I was ecstatic! So imagine my disappointment when we entered the airport and the agent told my mother that her passport was already expired.

I was wearing my favorite travel pants, my bag was heavy on my back and it took my mom 8 hours to get to Manila– I was not going to let the weekend go to waste! Continue reading

Biri Island, Northern Samar

After my Legazpi tour, I had about a week left in Gubat before my return to Metro Manila. I was planning to spend  those days lazing around but a friend invited me to another excursion.

Our destination was Biri Island, a small municipality off the northern coast of Samar in Visayas. Its most popular tourist attraction is its spectacular rock formations, which have garnered much attention in the recent years. Honestly, I had not heard much about it until a friend posted photos on Facebook some weeks prior.

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Cleaning Up Pico de Loro, Mt. Palay-Palay in Cavite (664+)

We all love the adventure that comes with scaling the highest peaks, the relief we experience when we reach a summit, and the majestic sceneries from the top. With so many beautiful mountains to climb, you will never know when to stop. Mountaineering can be an addictive sport, especially for someone who has a fondness for nature and discovering the unknown. Unfortunately, it has turned into a fad and we have started to take our mountains for granted. Continue reading

1st Colonial Grill and Misibis Bay, Legazpi

Aside from habitually incorporating coconut milk or gata in as many dishes as possible, did you know that we also love to eat crushed chili pepper or siling labuyo for breakfast? Just kidding, but we do have a penchant for spicy food. Being a Bicolano myself, I have tried every popular traditional delicacy, including Bicol express and laing/pinangat. This time, I wanted to try something different yet still familiar. I have read several articles praising a restaurant called 1st Colonial Grill in Legazpi, where they serve chili flavored ice cream.

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Ligñon Hill, Daraga Church, Cagsawa Ruins & Mayon Volcano, Legazpi

The Pili Nut Hills are located in Caguiba, Camalig, while my next is destination is in the heart of Legazpi City. It was already 3.30pm when I decided to descend from the grotto’s summit. More than an hour later, I found myself at the foot of one of the city’s most famous landmarks. Ligñon Hill has been developed into a great destination offering several activities (biking, rappelling, paintball, zip line, et cetera). I had only wanted to visit the Japanese tunnel but it was already almost 5pm when I arrived and the attraction was already closed.

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