Conquering Bulusan Volcano, Sorsogon

What could possibly be one of the coolest things you could tick off your bucket list? Why, conquering an active volcano of course. It was in March, summer was on its way. Our outdoor group planned a week-long  holiday in the coastal Bicol. Our mountain destination? Bulusan Volcano. Continue reading


Cleaning Up Pico de Loro, Mt. Palay-Palay in Cavite (664+)

We all love the adventure that comes with scaling the highest peaks, the relief we experience when we reach a summit, and the majestic sceneries from the top. With so many beautiful mountains to climb, you will never know when to stop. Mountaineering can be an addictive sport, especially for someone who has a fondness for nature and discovering the unknown. Unfortunately, it has turned into a fad and we have started to take our mountains for granted. Continue reading

Climbing Mt. Damas in Tarlac (685+)

I am not even sure if I should still be up and writing this. My shoulders are sore, I am lightheaded, my eyes are refusing to stay open, and my legs are hurting anywhere you touch them.

…were the only sentences I was able to type before I fell asleep on Monday night. I was exhausted. Now, I have a cold, which is making it so hard to focus– I am blowing my nose like an elephant every 2 seconds. I might also be getting a fever. If my mom would get to read this, I bet she would think, what the hell happened to her? Well, Mt. Damas happened.

Continue reading