Where Have I Been?

When I decided to embark on what I believed was going to be a new adventure, I thought I would have the journey of a lifetime. To be frank, I somehow did. Part of it was a series of pathetic sobbing to the point of choking under the covers, but the other part was also a trip worthy of being labeled as cathartic ; it seemed to have opened so many things for me that despite of it being such a challenging way to live, I am still considering to go back.

Contrary to some people’s belief, working on a cruise ship is not delightful. It could, in fact, turn out to be the complete opposite. Especially if you end up with a designation listed at the bottom of the workforce chain, which is usually the case.

In the past several months that I disappeared, I had been everywhere but home. We were not exactly given a guaranteed way to get connected to the rest of the world. It was as if living in a pod, partly oblivious to the rest of humanity. It was also a challenge adjusting to the work environment. That element of loneliness in traveling alone suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Not the adventure I had in mind. But in spite of this forced disregard of the world, I tried to make the most out of my situation. To see unfamiliar places and things, this is the main reason I blindly (or bravely!) took this job. I did not get to tick off too many things on my bucket list, but I did find so many things that should have been on my list ages ago!

Because I know I will be unable to write a detailed account of all of them (not right now or maybe even never!), I will leave it to a handful of photos to tell part of the story.

Today’s lesson: Dare to do something out of the ordinary, it might just be what you need.


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