Good Morning

“Joan! Did you see the sunset?!” Ari yelled from the other side of the galley.

“Huh?” I asked confused, as I started picking up the entree plates from the Chef’s counter, “What sunset?”

“Look outside!”

Nawiliwili, Hawaii April 2014

Nawiliwili, Hawaii April 2014

Glancing at the porthole, I saw tinges of orange, purple, and yellow on the horizon. As the ship moved, the alps came into view– believe me when I say that I had not seen anything more breathtaking. The last rays from the sun shone from behind the mountain range. For a split second, I felt more alive than I had ever been in months.

For many reasons, working on this ship had become a struggle for me. It took me several weeks to adjust. From having an adventurous lifestyle, I went to the extreme opposite and barely did anything but work, eat, and sleep. You could say I turned dormant. This ship has taken so much from me. And I had developed a disliking for it as a mouse dislikes a cat.

I had not written anything in a long time. In fact, I have been inexistent virtually. I think it is time again to do what keeps me sane. Because I am about to forget why I came here in the first place. And I am about to forget the familiar feeling of happiness.

Please do not ask me again how it is like to work on a cruise ship, because I have many terrible things to say. Instead, I will write about the wonderful people I have met, the fascinating sights I have seen, and the exciting things I have experienced while visiting the places this ship had been to.

In the next few weeks, I will try my best to share vivid accounts of my travels.

For the most part, it feels like I had just been stirred awake from a bad dream. Good morning.


One thought on “Good Morning

  1. You really feel this way? So much sadness emanating from this post/rant. From the dark side there is always the bright side. Let the sun fill your gloomy days and brighten up. Smile girl, you just have to include FUN in everything your do.

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