Minor Basilica of San Sebastian, Manila

Several months ago, I decided to take a little trip to Quiapo to see the Minor Basilica of San Sebastian, the only neo-gothic steel church in Asia.


The twin spires of the only steel church in Asia

The basilica’s steel parts were prefabricated in Belgium and its glass windows were made in Germany– these materials were sent to the Philippines in several ships. Assembly started in 1888 and went on for 2 years. The final touches to its interior were done by local artists and craftsmen. It is a declared National Historical Landmark and is on UNESCO’s Tentative World Heritage List. It is also believed that Gustave Eiffel (creator of the Eiffel Tower) engineered its overall structure.

Considering that it was a Sunday, I was lucky enough to arrive before the mass started and I was able to take some pictures. It was a little dark inside and I didn’t bring a tripod, so the image quality is not very good.


My favorite part of the structure: bad ass floor tiles

These photos don’t really give justice to the structure’s grandeur, you would have to see it for yourself. I almost felt like I was transported to some faraway place– Europe, perhaps?


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