Backpacking Baguio With My Mother: Camp John Hay

After our little pictorial in the Butterfly Sanctuary, my mom and I found ourselves coming out to a beautiful park. With its impressive pine forests, Camp John Hay is one of Baguio‘s favorite attractions. The fragrant air was refreshing; an occasional cold wind would breeze in but the rest of the afternoon’s weather was nothing but pleasant.


Camp John Hay’s pine forests and the panoramic view of Benguet

I was not exactly sure what to do next when I saw a sign that says Tree Top Adventure. Unfortunately, because of a power outage, most of the rides/activities were unavailable except for the Tree Drop and Skywalk. I did the the former while my mom took a video of me die fall 60 feet to the ground.

My mom enjoyed the 600-meter trek to Skywalk. She was so fascinated with the forest and started picking up pine cones off the ground out of curiosity. She asked, “How did this become a forest?” To which I answered, “You know, I have no idea. That’s a very good question.”


Cool and refreshing weather, beautiful scenery– somebody hand me a cup of tea

The Skywalk was a little disappointing, it was not as exciting as I had expected. My mom boasted she was not scared until we went up the bridge, then she started trembling and could no longer let go of the railings.


On the Skywalk with my trembling mother

It was already 6PM when we left Tree Top Adventure. The Bell House and The Lost Cemetery of Negativism were already closed. But because part of the cemetery was located outside Bell House, we were still able to stroll around. A friend mentioned it to me the night prior, I had no idea what it was but I thought the name was very intriguing.


“For here is buried the world’s negativism for all time”

After reading the inscription, I let out a hearty laugh. Such a whimsical yet profound concept! A place to bury all your negative thoughts– why, I would love to have one in my backyard!


Leave those horrible thoughts here and never look back

The park is also equipped with several restaurants and souvenir shops. We strolled away the rest of the afternoon.


A couple straight out of a Korean film– kids in love


Lost cowboy

My mom’s attempt to hide her exhaustion was failing, so I finally decided we should go back to the city to look for something to do that involved less walking. Mother Dearest had had her fair share of exercise for the day.

Today’s lesson: Go where the air is deliciously fresh!

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