Shit Happens

The world is not conspiring against you. Sometimes, shit just happens, and here are several things you need to remember:

1) Whatever shit comes your way is not caused by some otherworldly force. Most of the time, shit is purely brought about by human actions. Therefore, it’s always something you can overcome. Nothing should ever be too big or too scary to confront. Shit NEVER happens just because The Magical Bearded Guy thought you deserved it.

2) Shit happens to everyone. That’s what I meant when I said the world is not conspiring against you. There are currently 6.7 billion people living in this planet, and by the time you finish reading this sentence, two more babies will be part of that census; about 150 babies are born every minute. You are not very special. You are but a small part of life. When it comes to having to accept shit from the world, you need to understand how the world itself is so vast, then that shit becomes little. That shit becomes trivial.

3) When the shit is too big and becomes too overwhelming, deal with it with baby steps. One day at a time. While you think you can be Wonder Woman or Superman, everyone needs a breather. It’s always good to give yourself time to sit and reflect.

4) Never compare your shit to someone else’s shit. When you’re dealing with difficult things, jealousy of other people’s happiness can come so naturally. You don’t get to look at the guy sitting next to you and say, “Hey, why the hell is he laughing? Why can’t his life be as shitty as mine?” You don’t get to drag others in your misery. There are several levels of shittiness. That guy’s life might actually be more shitty than yours– he just decided to take a breather. Individual shits are incomparable, if you insist on comparing, you’ll only find yourself in more shit.

5) Finally, shit happens, and when it does, it doesn’t happen for a particular reason. Sometimes, you just need to take it as it is. Don’t complicate things. It’s nice to not have to read between the lines once in a while. Smile and move on.

Those are things I need to remind myself sometimes. Because…hey, shit happens.


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