On Books

I’m not adoring Elizabeth Kostova’s The Swan Thieves as much as I did The Historian. Though it’s still a good read, I find it excruciatingly detailed. Maybe I should blame it on the subject. After all, it’s about art, painters, and all sorts of personality disorders. I also find it hard to differentiate the characters from each other. In the first few pages, I thought Dr. Marlow was female, even after finding out that he is in fact male, I still sometimes feel he is female. After this, I might start reading The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe, which book cover I found interesting while I was browsing Border’s shelves a couple of weeks ago. I also bought Liaquat Ahamed’s Lords of Finance, which I had meant to buy while I was still in the Philippines.

During that one fine day, I came out from the bookstore carrying $40.00 worth of books, which my roommate found absurd. But in my defense, what’s the difference between my 40-dollar books and her 55-dollar shoes? 😛

I was on call today and didn’t need to go to the restaurant. But I was ready to go out and had to fight the temptation to go to Borders, which is only two blocks away.


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