My heart thumps, strong and slow. I see my chest rising and falling, almost in rhythm with the music on the radio. I can hear my blood flowing, splashing against the walls of my veins; my cells frantic while they bump and race against each other. Continue reading


Everything is Nothing

They used to be blissful: the pitter-patter of the rain on the roof, the smell of tea while curled up in bed. Lately though, the sounds have turned into rumblings, the smell gone. Almost unbearable. Almost oppressive.

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Trekking Juneau's famous Mt. Roberts

Where Have I Been?

When I decided to embark on what I believed was going to be a new adventure, I thought I would have the journey of a lifetime. To be frank, I somehow did. Part of it was a series of pathetic sobbing to the point of choking under the covers, but the other part was also a trip worthy of being labeled as cathartic ; it seemed to have opened so many things for me that despite of it being such a challenging way to live, I am still considering to go back. Continue reading

Rainbird Trail, Ketchikan, Alaska

From the great bald eagles to the towering glaciers, everything in Alaska is big. If you don’t believe me, google an aerial photo of Southeast Alaska, the state’s panhandle– Alaska is synonymous to immense. Its cities are located in the heart of the dense Tongass National Forest, the largest old-growth temperate forest in the world; 6.8 million hectares of cedar, spruce and hemlock trees and many other flora, home to thousands of endemic and migratory fauna. Alaska is a haven for the nature lover. Continue reading

Nawiliwili, Hawaii April 2014

Good Morning

“Joan! Did you see the sunset?!” Ari yelled from the other side of the galley.

“Huh?” I asked confused, as I started picking up the entree plates from the Chef’s counter, “What sunset?”

“Look outside!” Continue reading